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Introduction of OSAKA UNIVERSITY Health Care Center

Service for Medical Care

Health Care Center, Toyonaka, Suita, and Minoh rooms, offers consultation services on physical and mental health, as well as medical care by the doctors, including internal medicine, psychiatry, and orthopedics. Anyone feeling concern about or discomfort in their physical or mental condition is encouraged to receive counseling and to learn health education at the center. Please visit the center if you feel sick or would like to be introduced the appropriate hospital. Privacy is strictly reserved. In addition, the Center also provides annual health checkups.

ATTENTION: Appointments are required for psychiatry clinic. You can request an appointment at the reception desk.

Weekly Schedule
※The time schedule might be changed or the consultation might be closed for some reason. Please check the recent “Non-consultation hours” page before visiting Health Care Center.

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Student Counselling Services

student counselling services

We provide individual counselling to all students who are facing with emotinal and psychological problems, such as depression, anxiey, interpersonal conflicts, and the difficulties of adjusting to a new environment. Our professionally qualified psychotherapists will assist you to think about yourself and to get grips with problems. The Service offers free and confidential support.

Making an appointment

Medical Checkup

Health Care Center provides the following Medical Checkups

  • Medical checkup for students
  • All students should have an annual medical checkup in spring. (Spring 2017)
    Newly-enrolled students in autumn should have an autumn medical checkup for sutudent.
  • Medical checkup for stuff
  • All stuffs employed by Osaka University should have an annual medical checkup for stuff.
  • Medical checkup for stuff engaged in specified work
  • All workers who engaged in the legally specified works (radio isotope, organic solvent, specific chemicals, pathogen, and gene recombination experiment) should have this checkup. Each office will give notice to eligible workers.


Access Maps

  • Toyonaka branch; 1-17 Machikaneyamacho, Toyonaka, Osaka 560-0043  TEL:06-6850-6038/FAX:06-6850-6040
  No.61 in English Toyonaka campus map.
  • Suita branch; 2-1 Yamadaoka, Suita, Osaka 565-0871   TEL:06-6879-8970/FAX:06-6879-4088
  No.71 in English Suita campus Map.
  • Minoh branch; 8-1-1 Aomatani-higashi, Minoh, Osaka 562-8558   TEL:072-730-5151/FAX:072-730-5153
  No.7 in English Minoh campus map.
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